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Интервью с BSB!

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Здесь размещаем интервью с BSB или ссылки :flag:


AJ McLean about the new Backstreet Boys single and album.

Monday, July 27 2009, 06:10 BST

http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/a1670 … -boys.html


Carter: 'We won't be raunchy like GaGa'

Saturday, July 25 2009, 16:42 BST

http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/a1672 … -gaga.html


Backstreet Boys Chart Comeback With This Is Us



С выходом нового сингла "Straight Through My Heart" и с волнением, которое это событие вызвало в Newsroom, кажется, что по крайней мере среди нас, нобых штатных сотрудников MTV, есть волнение по поводу выхода нового альбома Backstreet Boys "This Is Us" 6-го октября. Для альбома парни работали с продюсером RedOne над синглом и подключилидавнишнего соавтора и вдохновителя поп музыки Макса Мартина. Они также работали с T-Pain, и Брайан Литтрелл говорил новостям MTV о работе с рэппером ранее в этом году. "T-Pain - мировой парень", - сказал он, а на счет альбома заметил, что "BSB делают то, что делали, когда начинали, когда омы только создавали свой бренд, мы были вокальной группой. Больше не сохранилось мальчуковых групп, кроме нас и мы возвращаемся к вокалам. Мы хотим продемонстрировать, как хорошо мы умеем петь".

В честь BSB мы приводим отсчет любимых хитов BSB:

10."Incomplete": последний сингл Кевина с групплй. мы навеки неполные.

9."Larger Than Life": Мы просто говорим, что Ланс Басс мог посмотреть это видео и украсть пару идей

8."The Call": Алло? Классная песня!

7."More Than That": потому что мы любим их больше, чем NSYNC. Да мы там были.

6."I'll Never Break Your Heart": мы любим любую песню, которая демонстрирует неоспоримое умение Кевина говорить в соблазнительной манере. Кевин, мы скучаем по тебе.

5."All I Have to Give": Я дала им все деньги своей мамы в старшей школе. А они дали мне красивую музыку.

4."Shape of my Heart": так происходит, что рентген моего сердца показывает, что оно той же формы, что Эй Джея Маклина

3."Everybody (Backstreet's Back)": Именно. Как будто они могшли предсказать будущее.

2."As Long as You Love Me": дорогие парни, я все еще люблю вас

1."I Want It That Way": потому чо мы всегда хотим так.. независимо от того, что это значит

Почетным упоминанием удостаивается "10,000 Promises", и если вы не знаете эту песню, вы не настоящий поклонник.


America написал(а):

4."Shape of my Heart": так происходит, что рентген моего сердца показывает, что оно той же формы, что Эй Джея Маклина

:yep:  :love:


Интервью с Ником
Billy Bush Show 7.08.2009

http://rs661.rapidshare.com/files/26498 … h_Show.mp3


New Nick Interview

Call them bubblegum. Call them a boy band. Call them, well seeing as how they’re much older than any Jonas, Backstreet Men. It doesn’t matter to Nick Carter so long as people keep listening to their unapologetic dance pop music and buying their records. “Words can’t describe the way I feel,” the Backstreet Boy said of his band’s forthcoming new album “This Is Us” – out Oct. 6. “Everything just fit like a glove.” The band’s seventh studio album is vintage Backstreet: infectious dance tracks (like first single “Straight Through My Heart”) to killer ballads but with a twist. The producers and writers on the album include T-Pain, Max Martin, RedOne, and Soulshock. Impressive, and Carter knows it. I spoke with him late last month about the record, and how he and bandmates (Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean) have managed to stick together no matter how many times they’ve been thrown under a bus (especially Carter).

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you guys. What was the logic going into the studio this time out?

It’s been a little while. We found this out in the past – when you over think something in the recording process, it just sort of gets a little muddled. This was just the right amount of time. We just immediately had a direction we went in. We did only 25-30 songs in the demo recording process. [The album has 11 cuts.]

What are your hopes at this point for the album? Yet another hit single or acclaim?

Honestly if we have success of this in a commercial way that’d be great, but I think the music just feels so good that we just want to take it to the stage, and perform this amazing show on the caliber of great artists like Michael Jackson, Janet and Britney. We want to do what we do best and that’s entertain. That’s our main goal: [to] reach out to people who are fans, and people who were fans. We want them to come to a show with their families, girlfriends, boyfriends and have a freakin’ blast in a time where honestly there’s not a lot of great performances anymore.

Not too many great performances?

Sure there’s bands. I love rock bands — guitar and drums — but we’re bringing four dancers on the road, having a magnificent million dollar stage — on a level like only a certain amount of pop artists can do. We’re dancing again. We’re in great shape. Madonna does stuff like that as well, but we’re younger than Madonna. We’re younger than Janet. We’re younger than the late Mike [Jackson]. We still have got a lot to offer.

How have you guys evolved throughout your career? You guys are all grown men now.

The good thing about us is we can always sing love songs. The majority of our songs are the good side of love or the bad side of love. We never get too political on issues that have gone on. We don’t tend to put them in our songs as much, because who wants to hear that from a boy band? We just want to create music people can dance to, and [let people] just smile and forget about the problems. We’re not a candidate to be president or anything.

You don’t mind the label of boy band?

Call us whatever you want to call us. We really don’t care anymore. I think when you put the title of “boy band” it’s looked at as some kind of negative but we have gotten positives.

What’s your secret to staying together for so long?

We’re all group guys and love pop music that’s all it is. We have a common goal and we’re entertainers. We’re performers and we love being on stage singing, and love creating that next album.

You’ve been through the ringer with tabloids — how do you all; stay focused on the music and drown out the noise?

It really doesn’t matter what others think. If we start worrying about the outside world too much then it starts to affect your decision making. You’ve got to dig down deep enough, and know what you’ve done for the past 17 years been together.

And you guys all learn from your mistakes and it makes your relationship stronger?

Yeah exactly that’s what it’s all about: evolving. We’ve always been a little sheltered — stepping out here and just learning.

Are you guys often bothered to give advice for today’s boy bands like the Jonas Brothers or whoever?

They ask advice. Ultimately, everyone has their own path and everybody’s life is different. I mean there’s some fundamentals that you should take into consideration when it comes to career. Always pay attention to history. It’ll teach you not what to do.



http://www.complex.com/blogs/2009/09/25 … ck-carter/

Коротко, о чем идет речь:
-Что должно быть всегда в твоём холодильнике?
-Я люблю мороженое! У меня всегда должно быть мороженое в холодильнике!
-Какая самая смущающая одежда, которую ты носил когда-либо?
-Моя мама заставляла меня носить рубашку, которая была прозрачная, как рыболовная сеть. В то время я был в сольном туре и весил больше нормы, я смущался, когда её надевал.
-Если бы на неделе у тебя был выходной, чем бы ты занялся?
-Отправился бы кататься на лодке, занялся бы подводным плаванием, ловил бы рыбу...
-Когда ты в последний раз плакал?
-Несколько лет назад, когда умерла моя бабуля.
-Первое, что отвернёт тебя от девушки?
-Первое, это если у неё волосатые подмышки...
-Ничего себе,какой быстрый ответ. У Вас, должно быть, был неудачный опыт.
-Да, мы повидали в Европе многое, когда я был моложе.
-Есть что-нибудь спецефическое в новом альбоме?
-Я люблю "This Is Us"-это мой любимый трек. Его спродюссировал Jim Jonsin, это удивительно. Я называю его новым "I Want It That Way"



Коротко, о чем идет речь.
Добро пожаловать в SportsNation! В среду номинирующие на Грэмми BSB зайдут, чтобы рассказать о своем новом альбоме, о своих достижениях. Немножко об истории группы, об уходе Кевина..., о новом звучании альбома, который выйдет 6 октября...
BSB дебютируют новый материал в семинедельном европейском туре, который начнётся 30 октября в Лиссабоне, в поддержку их нового альбома.
Отправьте свои вопросы и присоединитесь к Нику, Howie, Брайану, и AJ в среду в 12:30... Типа того... :rolleyes:


Nick Interview in the April Issue of In Rock

Nick was interviewed a few months back for In Rock magazine in Japan. They published his interview in the April issue of In Rock. Thanks to Tony for the translation.

Nick was doing some exercises, when I called him. While using earphone to chat with me, Nick still continue his exercises. From the other side of the phone, every now or then I can hear the gasps of breath causing by exercises like “ha…ha….”.What kind of exercises this guy is doing? With this kind of doubt, I started my interview with him.

–How’s going recently?
Nick: Awesome!

–You’re indeed very energetic. What are you doing recently?
Nick: I am keep doing some physical exercises. For the upcoming tour, itfs very important to store for the future..

–Yeah. You are coming to Japan again, aren’t you? Before that I want to ask you something about the set of show this time.
Nick: No problem.

–You have used many clips of movies. AJ said he played “Fight Club” like Brad Pitt. What about you?
Nick: This…We actually…Did AJ really talk about the movies with you?

Nick: I played “the Matrix “

–Wow, Matrix! What’s in it?
Nick: It contains many differences compare to the original one. It satisfied my craving for action movies.

–Why you chose this movie?
Nick: Because this kind of movie is very exciting. I love action movies very much. This time I played the role “Neo” that once played by Keanu Reeves. And this gave me a chance to show what I have learned. This makes me really exciting.

–Oh, that’s it. Keanu Reeves once said that this movie is a “body” movie. So before you start filming it you have to work out very good body. Had you done any special training?
Nick: No, no need. I just acted for about one and a half minute, it’s not that hard. So it didn’t give many burdens towards my body.

–Oh so that’s the way it is. Why you found out so many movies to perform it, this time? What’s the connection between those movies with your music and performance?
Nick: We are just doing our best to make our fans happy. After all, this is just a entertainment. This is a very special idea, isn’t it? We just wanna do something that nobody has done before. To put some short movies into the show isn’t it exciting? Nobody has done this before. We just wanna make fans feels like they are watching a movie.

–Did this idea come from you?
Nick: eh, this idea did come from me. But it also owe to every Backstreet Boys. As a group, we need to do one thing together so it will go on smoothly. Only in this way, the inspirations will keep coming.

–Last time you came to Japan, I went to see your shows in Kawasaki, it’s really a great show. Really energetic show. Especially when you were in the center of the show, you poured more energy into the show. Is that what you did on purpose? Is that your responsibility of the group to bring more energy into the show?
Nick: Energy is very important. Indeed, recently I paid most of my attention to how to control my work rate and my energy. Eh, it’s really important to control it.

–Everyone has their part of work on the stage, isn’t it?
Nick: In fact, we are keeping thinking about this question. Each one of us has different characters, not everyone can have all those ability. Just like someone can sing the highest pitch, not everyone can do that.

–Last year, Brian got the Swine Flu; you have to cancel some shows. And there’s a time that AJ lost his voice. Have you face this kind of problems?
Nick: I always try to keep fit by doing exercises, and I drink some vitamin drinks. But sometimes it happens even you are very careful, because we need to move from one place to another, it really drain us out, sometime we will break down. Even though, some shows still need to go on.

–Do you do exercises everyday?
Nick: After every show, I’ll let myself rest for some times. It will do no good to keep working without resting. But, right now I’m going back to work out everyday, I do it for our tour.

–Is it fun to do exercises? Or you just have to do it?
Nick: I love exercises very much. But if you ask do I just have to do it? My answer is yes. Yes, it’s something you just have to do. For keep youth, for a clear mind, for concentrating more, for not to get sick frequently, this is something we have to do. This is also a challenge towards me. I used to be bothered with the problems of figure.

–eh, eh, I know that. Ha-ha, By the way, you birthday is next week (Jan.1th 2010)?
Nick: Yeah, right.

–How will you celebrate it?
Nick: I haven’t decided it. Now I am thinking about it, too. Actually, I’m personally not that that kind of person that wants huge party. But this is my 30th birthday; I may invite many friends to come. Although I’m 30 right now, but I still feels like I’m still 20.

–Ah? You’re 30, too? It’s so unbelievable. The first time I interviewed you, you were like 15 or 16, that time you are just a boy band. Counting time, you’ve been on this stage for 17 years.
Nick: Yeah!

–Keep been successful for more than 15 years it’s not an easy thing.
Nick: It is. Thanks.

–Though you say you don’t feel like 30 years old, you still can’t deny it that with years are getting old, you fans are growing with you. Would your fans ask for you to change?
Nick: Our fans are just waiting for us to do things I like. They can’t foresee what will come from us next. But you do need to do something new to feed fans’ needs, and that’s what we do now.

–You definitely will continue to do good music, that’s also what fans want.–Yeah!

–Your new album last year “This Is Us”, it become the best foreign seller in Japan.
Nick: Cool.

–You have said you will be nervous before the show. Do you still have this problem?
Nick: No, not nervous at all. It’s kind like exciting; those hearts striking moments feel very good. Sometime I will get a little bit nervous, but it’s not the kind of nervous that make you forget what you should do. It just brings you excitement.

–In order to let everyone have a light heart onstage, you all have your own dress room.
Nick: No, we are share the same room.

–You love towards music is well know. You say you often go to studio to make music. Right now what kind of music will make you feel excited?
Nick: Right now, I’ve been listening to some old music. Especially blues music. I’m listening to some very old music right now, in order to seek the source of music. Knowing the basic of music can help you to master the core and style of your music. So I’m listening to that old music.

–I’ve heard that you were preparing for your second solo album. But you gave up half way? Why? Do you still wanna do a second solo album?
Nick: Actually I’m working on it right now.

–Who are you working with?
Nick: Right now I’m still doing it all by myself. In a word, I’m still writing songs right now.

Nick: Yeah, for now. I’m still searching. Searching for the style of the music. But, the basic style Pop and Rock will not change.

–when will you got time to record when will we hear this new album?
Nick: I’m still writing songs, i haven’t gone into the studio. During the time in Japan, I will continue writing some music. I may go to the studio after this.

–You’ll have a break in April and May, won’t you? AJ says he will have his solo tour during that time. Will you do something for your own solo album?
Nick: Yes, that’s how I plan it.

–Okay, can you spare me sometime to take some pictures for you then?
Nick: You can tell that I always put InRock in the first place.(Laugh)

–Thanks, I have saved many pages for you. I love your first album “Now or Never” very much. It’s a very outstanding pop and rock album. I especially love that song called “Miss America”. I’m waiting for the next album.
Nick: I will definitely release a second album. I’m quite confident.

–Besides music, you are into many different areas, aren’t you? Many people have invited you, right?
Nick: Yes, the cooperation with Jennifer Page turns out to be really successful.

–Jennifer Page? The one who sing duet with you?
Nick: Yeah, that’s her.

–Can you introduce her to me?
Nick: She’s a singer who has some hits in the late 90s. So, when she sent me invitation for cooperation, I thought there’s no reason to refuse her. So, I worked with her and we wrote song together.

–You wrote it?
Nick: I wrote it with her.

–What’s the name of that song?
Nick: It’s called “Beautiful Lies”.

–Is it the first duet that you have made?
Nick: Well, yeah.

–How can we hear this song? Will it be in your new album?
Nick: No, it’s just released as single. It’s her single. But you can buy it at iTunes. All you have to do is searching “Beautiful Lies” on iTunes.

–Then I’ll go to searching for it. I have told you that you new album have sold very well in Japan. How about the other country? Brian said you last album had been received by radio station in US. How about this time?
Nick: it’s a pity. But compare to US, we have done a not so bad job in other countries. But it’s not a bad things, on the contrary, it give us more opportunities to perform in other countries.

–Then next time when you come to Japan, do you have some personal activities?
Nick: Hee-hee, you may come across at some place in the mall. And maybe on the street of Harajuku. Maybe on the top of some building, shouting: Backstreet’s back!


The Boys are back in Biloxi - Interview with AJ McLean

Together almost 20 years, Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Howie Donough, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean have sold more than 76 million records worldwide.

But while probably still best known for their successes in the late 1990s, the band is not standing still.

As they kick off their 37-stop tour of the U.S. and Canada, AJ McLean took time to talk with the Sun Herald recently about what the band is up to and what fans can expect when they appear at the IP in Biloxi on June 4.

What’s life on the road like? Do you love it or hate it?

Life on road, it’s kind of a love-hate relationship. I love what I do, it’s all I know, and I absolutely love being on stage. I love to perform for people. But now you know, I’m getting older, I got engaged, I am starting a life of my own. It’s different — I’ve got my own house, my dogs, and when I’m on the road for too long, it gets a little hard.

When I’m home, I enjoy being in my house. I don’t want to go out. I just veg at my house, work out, play video games and write music, really.

When I’m on the road, I try to take the crew out for golf, or dinner, or do things like that. I’ve really gotten back into photography as a hobby.

I’ll get up in the morning, go out and walk around, especially if it’s a place I haven’t been to before or a place I’ve been to but not really seen, and take my camera, look around, take random pictures of random people and cool stuff. I’d like to put together a coffee table book or something like that.

What’s next for the Backstreet Boys? Another album?

We are going back into the studio in September to work on the next record and we have some pretty big surprises for that — which we can’t talk about just yet, but I’m sure after say, the (June 8) Boston show, people will have an idea about that.

Hmm, that’s cryptic, could it be a collaboration, perhaps?


Or maybe a new sound?

Maybe a little bit of both. We’ve just started talking about what direction we want the next record to go in. You know when you continue to grow, obviously our (fan) demographic now is 25-45, we’re a little older, they’re a little older.

Granted, we still have a lot young people who come to our shows, but our core audience is older, so probably leaning toward a little more of a grown-up sound, maybe a little Eagles-ish. We’re trying to keep that longevity going, permanently putting our feet in the ground and saying, we’re here today, coming up on 20 years, and it’s good.

Who are your influences these days, who are you listening to?

The Temper Trap, One Republic, Muse — a little of everything. I go online and seeing who’s new.

I’m a bit obsessed right now with the one kid, I don’t know his name, the kid that just got the record deal with Ellen DeGeneres, who did Paparazzi. He is sick, he’s amazing. I’m sure we are all gonna know his name soon.

But I’m all over the board. My iPod is all over the map, everything from Enya to Nine Inch Nails to a lot of old Johnny Cash.

It’s crazy, and I try to bring all the sounds I listen to, to bring it into the studio. So if there’s a song that one of us writes, and we listen to it, one of us might say, you know, I see that going more Johnny Cash, or more Prince, or whatever.

When you come together, and you all have your own perspectives, does that mean you have to compromise, you know how they say a compromise means nobody’s happy, or is there a common thread?

Definitely with the rest of the guys there is a common ground. We all have very eclectic selection on our iPods. Like Brian listens to everything from Frank Sinatra to rock and roll, …Black Sabbath, whoever, and that’s why we have a unique sound, because we all bring different elements to the table and we find the common ground.

So what can folks expect when you come to the IP? Is it very different from the old style?

It’s very different from the old stuff. About 85 percent of the show is dancing, start to finish, straight music start to finish, there’re no breaks. We don’t have a band this time; we have four female dancers and a DJ. One of my favorite parts of the show are the four films that we taped and transposed ourselves into — I’m in “Fight Club” and “The Matrix,” Brian’s in the “Enchanted,” Howie’s in “Fast & Furious” — we utilize those films for quick change time, and we changed the dialogue so it’s really funny, and really cool.

It’s a really well-rounded show — we do about three quarters of the new CD, and every one of the “Chapter 1 Greatest Hits”.

Be prepared for an absolutely amazing kick-a-- show, and thanks for all the love and support for all the years.

We are anxious to come to Biloxi for this show — bring the whole family out and get ready for two hours of entertainment.



http://blog.washingtonpost.com/clicktra … _on_t.html


Larger Than life: Boy band? Maybe. Phenomenon? Yes. Backstreet's back

The Backstreet Boys find themselves at a career crossroads. Part of the wave of early '90s boy bands, they have recently parted ways with Jive Records, their label of 17 years, and are exploring what comes next.

The group, although never a critical favorite for its brand of dance-pop, nonetheless has sold 130 million records and tallied seven Top 10 albums, including last year's "This Is Us."

For now, the show goes on for the four remaining Boys - Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and A.J. McLean - who are performing this weekend at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. (The fifth member, Kevin Richardson, left in 2006.)

Ahead of their stop, McLean talked about how the quartet might reinvent itself and why after all these years the term "boy band" no longer has quite the same sting.

Question: Are you still pulling out the dance stops for your live shows?

Answer: It's nonstop dancing from start to finish … We spend a month and half in dance rehearsals really preparing for the show.

Q: How have you adjusted to not having Kevin Richardson in the lineup?

A: At first, going into the studio making the "Unbreakable" CD without Kevin was a little weird. It was a little awkward having to re-block things. When it was five of us, one guy would have the forefront and the four dancing behind us. Now everybody is dancing at all times. Everything is done more as a unit now.

Q: What's next for the group, now that you've left your longtime label, Jive?

A: There's the possibility of moving to a new label or doing a straight distribution deal. The upside is we have the freedom to do whatever we want, to be much more creative, as artists and as performers. We now have the freedom to do whatever we want. If we go with another label, we may have another outlook on the next 17 years for our career.

A lot of us have been talking about playing instruments again, maybe going the Beatles route. We have always emulated groups such as the Stones, the Beatles and the Eagles.

Who knows what could be the future of the Backstreet Boys? The concepts and ideas are infinitely limitless.

Q: But it sounds as though you're in this for the long haul?

A: We're going to keep making music until we don't want to do it anymore. We have the best fans in the world, and we don't foresee (an end) happening. Each of us has individual aspirations. I'm sure after our next album, we'll take a (much)-needed break.

Q: Your solo record, "Have It All," is already out in Japan and will be released in Europe, Canada and the U.S. later this year. How does it compare to Backstreet Boys' material?

A: It's a real personal record. When I started writing, I tried to write straight, up-the-middle pop. But it became this therapeutic process. It's about the relationship I don't have with my biological father and my relationship issues with girls.

There's no proper love song on the record - there's the anti-love song. It's a record guys especially can relate to. I'm really proud of it and anxious for the rest of the world to hear it.

Q: Backstreet Boys are forever linked to the '9
0s boy-band phenomenon. How do you feel about the term, and do you think it still applies?

A: We qualified ourselves as a vocal harmony group such as The Temptations and Boyz II Men. At first, we didn't like being called a boy band - that meant two guys that sing and the rest of the guys were pretty faces. In Backstreet Boys, each of us can sing, and we're all equally talented.

Nowadays, if you want to call us a boy band, we're kind of over it. It makes us feel as though we're young again. You know what - just call us.

http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/ats/ … 50f92.html



http://mrwillw.blogspot.com/2010/08/bac … ronto.html


Интервью с Ником: Информация о его втором сольном альбоме

Все мы знаем, что Ник Картер в настоящее время записывает второй сольный альбом, который предполагает выпустить в октябре этого года.
Ник прокомментировал ...

Это второй сольный альбом. Каковы отличия от первого?
Ник: Тип и стиль- выросли и созрели музыкально во мне. Стиль стал немного сложнее.

Сколько песен вы написали? О чем эти песни?
Ник: Я записал  7 или 8 песен, которые говорят о любви и отношениях в целом, о дружелюбии.

Какой будет обложка?
Ник: Это тайна ... sssshhhh (смеется)

Как ты думаешь, где он выстрелит в первую очередь?
Ник: Диск будет взрывной, и выстрелит сначала в Европе и Азии.

Какая твоя любимая песня?
Ник: Я все еще должен ждать выхода альбома. И определить, какой первый сингл.

Когда ты выпустишь первый сингл?
Ник: Очень скоро, как закончу запись альбома, начну выбирать первый сингл.

Ты считаешь, что в какой-то момент ты можешь создавать собственные фильмы?
Ник: Я бы сказал, да.

Можешь назвать некоторые песни из будущего альбома? Сколько их будет?
Ник: Скоро узнаете, это всё ещё тайна. Возможно 14 треков.

Собираешься ли ты включать в новый альбом песню  "Great Divide" ?
Ник: Да ... hhmmm ... На этом всё! Достаточно? (Смеется.)

Да. Большое спасибо!
Вот названия некоторых треков, которые просочились:
- Scream
- Don’t know why
- Restless
- Never Surrender
- I’ve been looking for you
- Everything Will Be Ok
- Pass Me The Rock
- Prisoner
- Relax

http://www.backstreetboys.cl/main/entre … tario.html


America спасибо за новость, жду с нетерпением новый альбом)) :cool:


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Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Talks Vow Renewal


When Brian Littrell and wife Leighanne renewed their vows on September 11, they were not only renewing their love for each other after ten years of marriage, but also celebrating their lives on a day most consider to be a somber anniversary.

Now parents to Baylee, 7, the Backstreet Boy, 35, and his bride, 41, tell all about the celebration and reveal why September 11 is special to them, how they keep their marriage strong and where they see themselves as a couple in ten more years.

Why did you choose to renew your vows?
Brian: I think it’s rededicating one another’s life to each other, and showing that we are for marriage, we are for togetherness, we are for family. I think that signifies a lot of things in today’s world. Me, being a Backstreet Boy, and traveling the world and how people glorify the entertainer’s life … they also like to glorify how things fall apart tragically a lot in our world that we live in. In rededicating our vows to each other, it signifies how in choosing a companion and in choosing to love one in the first place, you want to be able to continue to be able to re-choose them and choose them over and over and find new ways to love them. After ten years and over thirteen years together, we still choose one another. I think that speaks volumes to what our love represents.

Why did you choose September 11?
Brian: It’s funny. We were trying to do it the weekend before, but the Backstreet Boys were wrapping up our Canadian and U.S. leg of the tour – of the This is Us tour. We wanted to have more time to prepare when we got home. It ended up falling on September 11, and what is signified about September 11 is not only were we celebrating our vows and renewing each other, but we were also celebrating life.

My wife Leighanne was scheduled to be on the American Airlines flight that morning out of Boston to California on the morning of September 11. The Backstreet Boys had just performed five sold-out nights at the Fleet Center there in Boston, and we were traveling to Toronto. My wife had scheduled to fly on the American Airlines flight back to L.A.

We as a group lost one of the crew members, a gentleman by the name of Daniel Lee, who was traveling on that same flight to surprise his wife for the birth of their second child. He went into the towers with the plane.

It’s amazing how it all worked out. If I did not have my wife, I wouldn’t be married, I wouldn’t have the life that I have and I wouldn’t have my wonderful baby boy who’s not a baby anymore – he’s going to be eight-years-old.

It’s a celebration of life with how it fell on that day. It’s a meaningful time in our lives. I think we celebrated two anniversaries almost.

Why did you get out of the flight, Leighanne?
Leighanne: The craziest thing was the night before I had this horrible feeling. I told Husband – you weren’t Husband yet, were you? – I told Brian “I feel really, really bad about going. I don’t know what it is.” He was like “Leighanne, you’ve got an audition, you’ve got a dentist appointment, you’ve got all these things to go back for – you just need to go.” And something kept telling me “you can’t go.” I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling in my soul that there was no matter what I couldn’t get on the plane.

I broke down to him and said “I can’t do it.” He goes, “well, God, if you feel that strongly about it, cancel it.” My family and friends thought I was on the flight, so the morning of, we happened to be sleeping in, and our phones were ringing like crazy. We got up in time to see the plane that I was supposed to be on hit the tower.

That’s incredible. What special touches did you have that made the ceremony personal?
Brian: Everything. [laughs]

Leighanne: Husband seems to think that one of the greatest things was our son got to walk down the aisle to celebrate ten years together. We want to celebrate family and celebrate love. Like Husband said, you don’t get enough of that in our industry anymore. Everywhere we go, we make our situation love, life and happiness. We surround ourselves with it. On this occasion, we invited 80 people who are close friends to us who always support marriage and love.

A crazy idea we had had – I was swimming in a pool one day, and I said ‘oh my gosh, Husband, we need to have synchronized swimmers in our pool!’ Because we enjoy our home and our love so much that we love to make things special and make things eventful. Pretty much everything we do, we do with everything we have – with all our hearts and souls. We started planning this fun, crazy party that everyone would enjoy and that would be a surprise to us all.

We started with synchronized swimmers in our pool because we love what old Hollywood represents as far as talent and the real meaning of Hollywood where it was not just about being famous, but it was about what you could bring entertainment-wise.

Brian: And being classic as well.

Leighanne: Yes, the class. Bringing the class back. It was all about class.

Brian: When Leighanne and I were first married, we had a beautiful reception on the whole fourth floor of a top-notch hotel. It was an amazing event, and it was an amazing time in our lives, but I’ll tell you Leighanne and I both, looking back on our ten-year anniversary, we had more fun then than we had at our very own wedding.

It’s cool to be in the situation where – everybody should be in that situation – where they can do whatever they want when it comes to spending time with those that they love. Having the right company there, and having the event and what they want going on. We had a huge, big band – an eight-piece band. It was so cool. All our guests kept saying “it’s like old Hollywood.” Leighanne and I kept being reaffirmed all night that that’s exactly what we wanted from the evening. We had tap dancers, we had a beautiful renewing of our vows. A good friend of mine, Matthew Crouch, his family owns the Trinity Broadcasting Network … he held the ceremony for us. It was cool.

We had the luxury of having our beautiful boy walk down the aisle with us, and signify how two can become one and become better at the same time. But now we’re three.

Leighanne: We had tappers and singers who did a number to Heaven Hop. We had another Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin-style singer, and then we had a dancer. So we had acts in the middle of it all, so it was like being at a Broadway show. When we were eating, we had entertainment. It brought everybody in and made them feel comfortable and not feel intimidated but have a good time. It was important to have people around us and help them enjoy and feel comfortable but also have a good time.

What did you think of the cake?
Leighanne: Our cake was amazing. The gentleman at Classic Cheesecakes, Mark, that did our wedding cake … ever since he did our first cake, he’s done all of our cakes since then. He is amazing. He’s done Baylee’s birthday cakes, our shower cakes, our Christmas cakes. It’s amazing. They taste as good as they look.

What flavor?
Leighanne: They had Bailey’s Irish Cream. They were all pound cakes – vanilla and a Heath Bar.

How did the Heath Bar version taste?
Leighanne: It turned out well. This is the first time he’d done it for a party, so it actually turned out well. My pediatrician loved it. [laughs] He dove right in.

What was the highlight of the evening?
Leighanne: Baylee singing Jackson Five. Baylee got onstage and pretty much stole the show.

Brian: I think the highlight of the evening was the ceremony and the intimate setting of how everything came together, and the whole atmosphere. I think the whole atmosphere about the event set the mood. We had couples who had been married from 55, almost 60 years … the atmosphere and the ceremony was the best for me because I do choose Leighanne and I will choose Leighanne over and over and over. It was great because it was cool. Like all of our family and friends, I can’t wait until our fifteenth or our twentieth when we can do it again because Leighanne can throw a hell of a party, and it was amazing.

How did it feel to have your son on hand this time?
It was great to have him be part of the ceremony. He actually sang a song with the band, which was great. He sang I Want You Back by the Jackson Five, and tore down the house.

The funny thing about it would be the actual reception when we were all in the tent having dinner together, Baylee stands up on stage and he wants to do a few songs. He does I Want You Back as well as Straight Through My Heart from the Backstreet Boys.

The cool thing for me is everybody comes up to me after I do a song I wrote for Leighanne called Ten that talks about our anniversary. It was written for that very moment. But after I got offstage, everyone’s like “that’s a great job, you did amazing, you’re so talented, but that son of yours is out of this world.” I was like “uh-oh, there we go.”

Leighanne: Your song was amazing, too.

Brian: It’s hard to pick one. The atmosphere that we created for the couples and our guests and our family that was here set the tone for an amazing evening. It doesn’t matter what we were doing – we were having an amazing time.  Apparently my son stole the show even though it was our anniversary party.

Leighanne and I were going to sing Unforgettable to each other, but it turned out that with preparation and getting ready and putting everything together, it didn’t work out. I didn’t have time. But I will assure you there will be more anniversary parties in the future, so maybe we’ll get an exclusive with OK!

What gifts did you receive?
Leighanne: We asked for no gifts because we have so much, but probably the best thing was people made donations to our Healthy Heart Club for Kids, and liquor. They gave us a lot of liquor. What do you think that says about us? Vodka…

Brian: Wine, wine holders…

What’s the secret to a happy marriage?
Brian: A happy wife is a happy life. [laughs]

Leighanne: Communication. When we can’t be together, we’re always talking on the phone. You have to laugh a lot. When Pastor Collins told us – the pastor who married us –  he would’ve been here to marry us again, but he was in Germany – but he told us in the beginning “don’t ever go to bed angry.” You don’t always have to be right. Even if you know you’re right, you don’t have to say you’re right. We always try to practice humility with each other and communication. Always talk and always laugh, because at the end of the day, it wasn’t that important.

Brian: Some of the best advice I got from a close friend is marriage is always looked at from the world as 50/50 as to working together to make that 100 percent. My advice that I can share that’s not my own but was given to me is marriage should be looked at as 100 and 100 so that you’re always giving of yourself, you’re always sharing your thoughts and expanding on what Leighanne was saying about communicating and understanding one another is you have to know yourself first before you can know yourself in a marriage. You have to be so giving of yourself in order to give yourself to someone else, so I think having that 100% – and you don’t always get there. Marriage can be work, it can be difficult, it can be hard, but I think working through those times makes you stronger as a couple and as a unit.

Where do you see yourselves as a couple in ten more years?
Leighanne: If we could be any happier, hopefully not adding on again, but here enjoying life. We had more fun at this party than we did at our wedding. Learning to love life and love each other and knowing what’s important.

So many people don’t value their relationships and their lives, and end up in two or three marriages and miserable. We see each other always improving on our relationship, loving as much as we can and hopefully teaching our son to do the same thing.

He actually got married when he was five because he wanted to be married so bad. His birthday party was a wedding, and believe me, we had a full-on wedding. The pictures are amazing. He married his cousin because [jokes] you can do that in Georgia and Kentucky. It was the coolest thing.

To know that that’s the way he thinks, whatever we’re doing, whether we’re doing children’s album – Baylee has his own career, he’s probably going to be in the arts – working as a family, and Brian’s solo career, always being together – that’s why we homeschool and creating and making positive projects, and hopefully impacting the world in the most positive way we can.

If it’s possible, I know my wife will be much more gorgeous in ten years. She’s prettier today to me than she ever has been before. Adding on another ten, she will be even more gorgeous.

http://www.okmagazine.com/2010/09/backs … w-renewal/

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